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Navigating the Realm of Traditional and Digital Art

There are many advantages to using digital tools in art creation. One of the main ones is speed and variability. Likewise, each new tool brings new creative visual solutions that are only possible using it. All this applies to the artist, but what are the benefits for the audience, the art enjoyer? In addition to the opportunity to see more and more new visual solutions, it is an opportunity to receive a visual message in a pure form. The way I see it, the essence of digitally created art is information, it’s purer, more direct, more precise, and unadulterated. In our information-rich world, it can also be an advantage.

Selection of Papers for My Digital Paintings

The Thoughtful Selection of Papers for My Digital Paintings

Every stroke of the digital brush, every choice of color, every layer meticulously placed – they all contribute to the soul of a digital painting. Yet, as an artist, I’ve come to understand that true mastery lies not just in the creation itself, but in how it’s presented beyond the digital screen. The bridge that connects my digital world to tangible art lies in the choice of paper. This carefully curated selection of canvas isn’t just about reproducing the image; it’s about capturing the very essence that makes each piece unique.

Certificate of Authenticity sample for art prints by Inta Leora

Certificate of Authenticity for art prints

Each artwork listed here in my shop comes with a certificate of authentication registered and signed by me, the author. Although the best industry standards guide me, the following information represents my practice and approach to preparing and issuing certificates.

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