Becoming Whole Again – limited edition fine art prints

Each individual is akin to an entire planet, continuously undergoing transformative changes. Our surroundings, the information that envelops us, possesses the power to influence and alter our colors. These colors serve as a metaphor for our emotions, feelings, and thoughts, portraying our unique image that can shift with each passing moment. Sometimes, the influx of overwhelming information and experiences that do not align with our true nature can induce profound changes throughout our entire being. However, inherent within us lies a natural equilibrium, a constant renewal that dwells in our core. The more conscious we become, the swifter this restoration occurs. Knowing who we truly are allows us to preserve our authentic colors, effortlessly blending and harmonizing the shades we desire.

Collection “Becoming Whole Again” mirror the intricate dance of human existence, offering a reflection of the delicate interplay between our inner landscapes and the ever-changing external influences. They beckon us to contemplate our inherent resilience and capacity for self-renewal. As we navigate the vast tapestry of life, embracing our true identity becomes the key to preserving our authentic hues while effortlessly blending the vibrant shades that align with our being. Through this artistic journey, we are invited to embrace the transformative power within ourselves, celebrating the kaleidoscope of colors that define our unique and ever-evolving essence.

Digital Painting

Giclee print on museum-quality cotton rag paper with watercolor texture

Limited edition of 10

42,0 x 59,4 cm

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