Connections – limited edition fine art prints

Within the realm of creation, ideas ignite as untainted sparks, pure impulses that embody immense potential. Yet, as these ideas take shape and materialize, they undergo a transformative journey, assimilating fragments of our inner selves and the surrounding environment. Each creation emerges as a culmination of diverse factors, wherein even the slightest alteration in the external landscape or the people we encounter can elicit markedly different responses from the same individual. These intricate connections exert profound influence, ultimately shaping the outcome and trajectory of our endeavors.

Within this collection, Inta Leora presents a captivating glimpse into this journey—snapshots extracted from the vast, boundless process of human expression. Delving into the enigmatic nature of decision-making, these pieces of artwork offer a glimpse into the intricate web of connections that shape our paths toward achievement. Deeply rooted in our inherent pursuit of perfection and unity with the world, the transient nature of such a state is acknowledged. Momentary glimpses of this harmonious fusion exist, teetering between fulfillment and evanescence. “Connections I” captures this fleeting moment of culmination, portraying its ethereal plenitude alongside its impermanence. It encapsulates the awe- inspiring instance when goals are attained, and everything miraculously falls into place, as if orchestrated by destiny. In this temporal suspension, time halts, and the impossible becomes possible. It represents the long-awaited outcome, a profound conclusion that births the potential for new beginnings.

Limited edition fine art print collection "Connections" by Inta Leora

Within this collection, each piece of artwork, with the exception of No. I, showcases two distinct tonal variations carefully crafted to evoke specific situations. One variation radiates vibrant hues, representing the initial surge of emotions and heightened mental activity that accompany novel experiences. Conversely, the other variation employs subdued tones, symbolizing the necessity of tranquility when confronting and resolving these situations. Similar to human perception, optimal solutions often emerge from a calm mind and stable emotions. Notably, Connections No. I stands alone in its singular color variation, encapsulating the intensity of a fleeting moment characterized by a delicate balance, preserved within a dynamic framework of highly variable objects. It is an unrepeatable instance, immune to variation or the passage of time, where perception and perspectives remain immutable. Within the confines of a singular moment, devoid of any possibility for variation or temporal shift, lies an immutability that forbids the alteration of perception or the emergence of a different vantage point. To entertain such notions would precipitate its immediate transformation into the subsequent step of the journey. It is clear that this step will come after.

Connections Nos. IX and VIII weave the narrative of purpose’s genesis, signifying the inception of the creative process. Emphasizing that creation cannot emerge from nothingness, these pieces of artwork highlight the transformative power of synthesizing divergent elements rather than relying solely on similarities. Surprising and extraordinary outcomes often arise from the fusion of dissimilar entities.

Delving deeper into the exploration of connections, the profound influence of a single glance emerges. The eyes, a profound source of information, convey messages beyond the confines of words. The pivotal role of individuals in our journey toward success becomes evident, necessitating careful selection of companions and discerning when to invite them into our lives. A mere glance possesses the capacity to either forge or shatter genuine connections. In “Connections VI” and “Connections VII”, the power to capture any glance resides within your grasp.

Embarking on the path to achievement necessitates active action, courage, and unwavering confidence. Embracing a state of ease and joy enhances performance and wards off stagnation, as exemplified in “Connections V” and “Connections IV”.

As we journey toward grander aspirations, we navigate with measured strides, calmly and persistently assessing each connection we encounter. In doing so, we uncover invaluable insights and discover optimal strategies, allowing us to unravel the finest tips and solutions available.

Digital Painting

Giclee print on museum-quality cotton rag paper

Limited edition of 10

32,9 x 48,3 cm

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