inta Leora

Where the Language of Colors and Symbols Interweave, Igniting Connections and Invigorating Your Journey of Self-Discovery

“One of the most valuable things a person can have is the question. There are no answers without a question, no movement and no life without a question. I don’t know what can be more precious than the question that arises in the loving heart. It is the seed from which the most valuable fruits are born.”

Inta Leora
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inta Leora

My art is my notes. I like to explore and learn new things and concepts. Words are not always enough to express the answers I find. In that case, art comes to the rescue. In the language of art, it is easier to express feelings and impressions. Simple symbols can encapsulate complex concepts.
A curious mind likes to ask. Sometimes these questions lead to the discovery of a whole new world. Sometimes it is just a game of What if..?

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