Certificate of Authenticity sample for art prints by Inta Leora

Certificate of Authenticity for art prints

cetificate of authenticity samples for inta leora art prints

As an independent artist, I personally manage the sale of my artwork and take care of both the quality of the artwork and the service. Although the best industry standards guide me, the following information represents my personal practice and approach.

Each artwork listed here in my shop, be it an open edition or limited edition release, comes with a certificate of authentication that is registered and signed by me, the author. It is always attached to the artwork when sold. It contains the name and dimensions of the artwork, as well as other relevant information, including the paper used and the type of print. Just like the original art print, the certificate bears my signature.

Each certificate comes with a unique security number so each printed work can be identified by it. I also save information about the buyer or, if not known, about the sales channel. If you do not want information about you as a buyer to be stored, you can indicate this at any time. The easiest way to do this is to write it in the comments when placing an order or by writing a message to intaleora@intaleora.com.

Also, if you buy one of my works outside my official website www.intaleora.com in a physical place or in other online galleries, it must come with a certificate signed by me, which is analogous to the ones shown in the photo. At this time, I have not delegated any third party to authorize my work. If you have any doubts about any work purchased outside of my official online site, you can contact me at any time and check the conformity by mentioning the security number on the certificate.

Certificate of authenticity meaning

The purpose of the certificate is

-To provide true and transparent information about the artwork and the materials used

-To keep a safe and reliable inventory of artworks 

-To provide a reporting mechanism so that only original art prints created by the artist are on the market.

I have two authentication certificates – one for open edition prints, the other for limited edition prints. Open edition certificates are a bit smaller, they are printed on 10×15 cm cards. Limited edition certificates are larger, printed on 15×20 cm cards and they additionally indicate the Edition number and the specification of the Protective layer. Although open edition prints are not given an edition number, they are still listed in the artist’s register and each one is assigned an individual security number.

Open edition prints vs limited edition prints

Because all of my work is digitally painted, the only physical form of artwork available on the market is art prints. These prints are not reproductions, my artworks are made as prints only. In order to preserve the uniqueness of the artwork, some works are released in very limited quantities. They are called limited edition prints. Their edition is indicated on the original artwork as well as on the certificate. Open edition art prints have the same artistic quality as limited editions and are also signed and titled by the artist on the work. However, their quantity is not limited, thus ensuring very affordable prices.

The main difference between open and limited editions created by me, Inta Leora, is that

-Open edition prints do not have a specific number of editions. In the market, they are also called unlimited edition prints.

-Open edition prints are mostly printed on slightly thinner paper than limited edition prints.

-Open edition prints are not additionally treated with a protective layer.

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