Set of 3 Prints “Stone City”

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This is a set of 3 prints from the “Stone City” collection. Save Your money with this great deal! Giclee print on museum-quality cotton rag paper. Signed by the author on front. Comes with a Certification of Authenticity for each piece.

Style or Movement: Abstract Art, Geometric Abstraction, Midcentury, Midcentury Contemporary

Medium and Techniques: Digital Print, Giclee Print, Digital Painting and Drawing

Colors: yellow ochre, emerald green, purple, elderberry, red, barn red

Living in the city is quite different from living in the countryside. In the countryside, we can have quite a lot of personal space. The scenery around also allows us to look into the distance, and it is easy to merge with the whole world. There are no strict boundaries. Whereas in the city, you have to deal with an environment that is more others than yours. It is strong and diverse, with its own structure and order. To feel safe and comfortable in it, you have to know it well, create the structure for yourself and set the boundaries. You must choose where you let yourself in and where you keep your distance.

Each abstract shape symbolizes a block of the city or a part of its structure. These parts are not purely geometric, as seen on the map, because people do not perceive their environment so strictly. These forms are accompanied by a social and emotional structure, making them more diverse than ordinary rectangles. Together these shapes create a composition, allowing us to find a suitable and understandable space, our own personal structure.

To dive more into the story about “Stone City”, read here.


A3 (297mmx420mm), A2 (420mm 594mm)

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