Abstract beach art print “Ocean Stones 1” Limited Edition of 50


Signed limited edition beach style art print.  Limited edition of 50. Giclee print on museum-quality cotton rag paper with watercolor texture in size 42,0cm x 59,4cm

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Signed abstract beach-style art print. Limited edition of 50. Giclee print on museum-quality cotton rag paper. A2 (420mmx594mm) paper size. White border approx. 2,5 cm. Signed and numbered by the author on front. Comes with a Certification of Authenticity. For more about certificates read here. Sold without frame.

Style or Movement: Abstract Art, Abstract Landscape

Medium and Techniques: Digital Print, Giclee Print, Digital Painting, and Drawing

Colors: blue, sand, brown, white, gray, navy, royal blue


Ocean Stones: A Contemplative Exploration of Transformation and Resilience

Ocean Stones strives to capture the enigmatic essence of stones, their timeless journey shaped by eons of earthly existence. It is a triptych, which can be viewed both together and separately is expressed in two tonal variations, and unveil a profound contemplation: as rocks emerge from the depths of the earth, their ancient structures and experiences forged through millions of years, they bear an immeasurable trove of secrets. Yet, within the gentle caress of water, their transformation resounds most profoundly. In this aqueous embrace, do the stones relinquish or gain? What does it signify to them? Just as oceans and seas become havens where humans sense the harmonious fusion of the physical and emotional realms, where emotions and desires are cleansed and purified, the stones may too undergo an analogous metamorphosis.

Perhaps, as they immerse themselves in the currents, the stones shed their burdens, liberating the excess, and emerge strengthened. Is this the essence they perceive, akin to the catharsis we experience as we surrender to the waters?
These contemplations unfold in artworks, inviting us to ponder the intertwined destinies of stones and water. Within the depths of the layered brushstrokes, a narrative emerges—an intricate dialogue between solidity and fluidity, resilience and surrender. As we immerse ourselves in this exploration, we can see that the stones, in their aquatic communion, may mirror our own transformative journeys. They embody ancient wisdom, revealing that we can find strength and renewal by releasing what no longer serves us.

Uncompromising Quality – Capturing Artistry on Textured Fine Art Rag

Artistry deserves to be showcased on a canvas that preserves its essence and captures its depth. That’s why “Ocean Stones” giclee prints are meticulously crafted on watercolor textured fine art rag. This choice of paper lends a tactile and visual authenticity to the prints, reminiscent of traditional watercolor paper, bringing a new dimension to digital art.

Crafting with Care: Acid-Free and OBA-Free The integrity of art is of paramount importance. The canvas I’ve chosen for “Ocean Stones” giclee prints is not only visually appealing but also crafted with meticulous attention to quality. The watercolor textured fine art rag is acid-free, ensuring the longevity of the prints by preventing yellowing or deterioration over time. Moreover, the canvas is Optical Brightening Agent (OBA)-free, enhancing the archival quality of the prints.

Preserving Brilliance: Colors That Endure A key aspect of these giclee prints is the commitment to color accuracy and vibrancy. The watercolor textured fine art rag not only provides a rich tactile experience but also preserves the integrity of the colors. The prints faithfully reproduce the dynamic shades of “Ocean Stones,” capturing every nuance, from the deepest hues to the most delicate tones.

A Testament to Excellence By choosing watercolor textured fine art rag, acid-free and OBA-free, I’m underscoring my dedication to delivering giclee prints that not only exude artistry but also stand the test of time. The interplay of texture, archival quality, and color accuracy harmoniously unite, creating pieces that are as enchanting today as they will be for generations to come.

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