The greatest benefit of AI art for humans blog post

The Intersection of Art and Technology: AI’s Impact on my creative journey

I wanted to share my thoughts on the arrival of AI in art for a long time. I love technology and always try something new. And this is indeed a huge upheaval. I went through many different waves of emotions when experimenting with it. From interest and excitement to suspicion and fear and many other detailed thoughts and emotions. But emotions come and go. It seemed to me that it made sense to lay out the information only when I have found myself in it all and understood how to live with it further and when I have time for it. What I see right now is that we are being offered a whole new level of the game. Those who aspire to take winning positions learn these technologies at a fast pace, create new versions of products and increase productivity many times, even get incredible achievements in money, power, and influence. This opportunity is now given to all ordinary people. On the other side are those who are scared and desperate, they no longer see the point of their work. Maybe give up and say that my art is pointless if a robot can do it hundreds of times faster and even more beautifully? What to do next?

Fine art print with lemons and bright citrus colors by artist Inta Leora

the greatest benefit of AI art for humans

AI is an intelligence that we humans will never be able to surpass. But what remains for a person? Do you still want to fight him knowing that power? Will you look for other ways to show your intelligence to the world, and find those gaps where the work of AI has not intervened so much? Or will you try to throw yourself into this offered game in order to achieve supposedly incredible results, to gain more and more?

Or you will finally realize that your worth is not in your intellect. This realization can be quite shocking, because it is customary that because of intelligence man is the crown of creation, at the very top of the food chain. Now, It is time for man to take an even higher position. Human value IS much higher. The next level is meaning and purpose. No technology can replace that. At least for the foreseeable future. In order for art to live and evolve, it is no longer necessary to develop oneself technically so much. The main thing that an artist and a person, in general, has to develop right now is their meaning and purpose. And it is even good that this crown of intelligence is falling. Yes, there will be those who fall along, but there is also an opportunity to wake up and grow. There are people who are ready for it, and only because of that such technologies have become available.

life after the AI art revolution

I will definitely use AI tools in my work to some extent, but I will allow it to be only a technical aid where I see fit. So, for example, that is how I found the best compositional layouts for “Lemon Cocktail”. However, I could only really put my original message into them when I redrew them myself from scratch. These are currently the only publicly available works of mine where I have used the help of this assistant. I am fascinated by this experiment but my main goals are not changed. My challenge from the beginning when I started creating digital drawings and AI drawing programs were not yet available was: Will I get to make these works ‘alive’ and will they ‘talk’? I have found my way to do it and I will keep it.

AI is actually very liberating. There is no point in creating after creating, this niche is taken now totally. My work will come when I have something to say, something to convey. Still only a person can visit you and create a work that will really mean something to you or your place. The real ideas don’t come from the level where Ai works, right?

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